Omen Deck 35.25" Fatty Trud

Omen Deck 35.25" Fatty Trud

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The Trud is a new double kicktail series from Omen Longboards. Featured in 3 different sizes these boards will allow you to shred everything in your path. Take the Fatty down your steepest freeride run and still pop floaty ollies over those sewer drains. The Skinny is an all around shred machine that is skinny enough to handle the technical flip tricks while still holding speed on the hill. With a smaller wheelbase and standing platform, the Mini is a tech slide machine and you can still shred in the skatepark down the street. All of these boards come with a wider kicktail on one end and a skinnier kick on the other end. With different mounting options on these decks you can customize your setup to your preference. Every board comes with the signature Omen rocker to keep your feet locked in at all times and going as fast as possible. Wheelbase options on the Mini are 15.0"-16.5" and the Fatty and Skinny coming in at 18"-19.5". These boards can do anything.



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