Omen Deck 35.5" Mini Sugar Classic

Omen Deck 35.5" Mini Sugar Classic

  • $315.00

 The Mini Sugar Classic


Brings you everything you love in the original Sugar, but in a more compact size.

This board is the perfect mini for anyone looking to shred small and fast. It's the perfect little do-it-all style of board.

Coming in with a 20.5 inch wheelbase makes it super fun for cruising around while still being able to bust out little slides here and there when you need it.

Omen throws in a 5-inch kicktail that's perfect for city riding so that when you need to ollie up on to curbs you're always ready to! And with 9 plies of maple construction you're speed stiff so you can even manage mild hills.

Whether it's just to cruise around or to freeride and sesh with your friends like a baller.

The Omen Mini Sugar can handle whatever you throw at it, as long as you're able to handle it! 



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