Powerslide Reign Zeus Tri Skate 3 x 100mm

  • $599.00

Product Code: PS120003-41, PS120003-42, PS120003-43, PS120003-44, PS120003-45

You will be the make a huge impact with your Reign Zeus hockey skate. Skate harder, faster, be more agile and have more control in the game to beat your rivals. The pat. pending 3-point TRINITY mounting makes your game more efficient and effective. Customise the frame position under your boot and let your rivals fear your power. The 3x100mm setup gives you the extra speed to reach the goal faster than ever before. Reach for gold with the Reign Zeus.

  • Boot/shell: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic; Trinity
  • Frame: PS Trinity Ego 3x100mm; Aluminium CNC extruded
  • Wheels: Prime Centurio 100mm / 84A; outdoor; made in USA;
  • Bearings: Wicked ABEC 7


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