Powerslide USD Transformer Adjustable Inline Skates

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The Skate is also ideal for Aggressive Skaters who wants to have a second pair of skates for cruising and transportation.

The DOOP Skate has its roots from the XSJADO Brand.

The revolutionary Sytem allows to skate with your "normal" Shoes.

Furthermore the Der POWERSLIDE DOOP FREESTYLE IV 4 2016  is adjustable, therefore its the perfect Skate for Kids and youths. 

The POWERSLIDE DOOP FREESTYLE IV 4 2016 comes with DOOP 80 mm / 85 A Wheels and WCD ABEC 7 Bearings.
Reminder: The POWERSLIDE DOOP FREESTYLE IV 4 2016  comes without shoes. We recommend to wear sport shoes while skating with DOOP Skates