Powerslide Size Charts


Powerslide PHUZION is a collection of fitness inline skates. It's optimistic, young spirit, open-minded and focused in comfort. For those looking for a more casual sporty experience, with a skate that adapts to their style and to enjoy skating in a more relaxed and free manner.

Use these size charts for the Phuzion Argon, Krypton and Radon models!

Phuzion size chart for men
Phuzion size chart for women


The Powerslide Urban inline skates are ideal for intense skating in the city. Whether you are looking for a durable hardboot for commuting, a high performance slalom skate or a reliable all-round setup to for freeriding, we have you covered. Powerslide offers the widest range of freestyle and freeride skates, with TRINITY 3-point mounting, 165 dual mounting, 3 wheels and 4 wheels, for women, men and Kids. Discover our greatest solutions for the urbanite skates.

Use this size chart for the Powerslide Imperial, Zoom, and  Next ranges.

Poweslide Urban size chart


Kids just want to have fun. The skates should look cool and be attractive, but at the same time be safe as well as comfortable to wear and easy to handle. Kids skates should be resistant against wear and tear and perform well. Powerslide skates are especially made for kids and for specific sports to ensure that kids will love to skate like we do!

Poweslide Urban size chart - kids


Innovation, precision, performance.

The Powerslide SWELL is a revolutionary inline skate specially designed for intense fitness training.

To deliver a real fitness skating experience we knew we had to innovate in every level, so we started from scratch. From the inside out every compound has been meticulously redesigned to improve the comfort and maximize the performance. By including only the most essential elements, we created a sophisticated and minimalistic skate yet more efficient and advanced than any other skate available in the fitness segment, bringing some technologies accessible before only to an elite of professional speed skaters.

Swell size chart - men
Swell size chart - women