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187 Six Pack Adult CABALLERO

Product Code: 187SPXS145, 187SPSM145, 187SPLX145

Steve Caballero's legendary Dragon graphic on our industry-leading Six Pack Pads!

We worked directly with Cab throughout the whole process – starting with Steve hand-drawing the custom dragon artwork.  We’re so stoked on this collab with one of the most influential skaters of all time.  The Cab Dragon Six Pack is on fire with everyone from the youngest skaters to local legends at the skatepark.


- Contoured form-fitting design cradles knee

- Superior foam system absorbs hard impacts

- Streamline shape and design increases mobility

- Seamless interior finish provides ultimate comfort

- Ballistic nylon with industrial - weight stitching ensures durability

- Size specific caps create close contact with pad to minimize bulk




    Wrist: 16.5cm - 18.4cm

    Knee: 30.4cm - 35.5cm

    Elbow: 20.3cm - 22.8cm


    Wrist: 17.8cm - 20.3cm

    Knee: 35.5cm - 40.6cm

    Elbow: 22.8cm - 26.7cm


    Wrist:  20.3cm - 22.8cm

    Knee:  40.6cm - 45.7cm

    Elbow:  26.7cm - 30.5cm