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Bustin Boards Limited Edition Mekanik 35" Deck: LED 'Mekanik'

$225.00 $235.00

Bustin Boards Limited Edition Mekanik-LED Graphic:

The Mekanik is the little brother of the Ratmobile race deck. It is built off of the same progressive radial concave as the Ratmobile with the same quarter-inch rockered platform, but with an even wider range of wheelbase options, especially on the short end. The Mekanik will be the deck of choice for top mount riders who want to stick tight corners, freeriders who prefer shorter wheelbases, garage bombers, riders with smaller stances, and women downhillers. The slightly smaller width and more uniform shape from front to back make it easier to dig into the rails when switching from heelside to toeside slides, in regular and switch, and also benefits riders with smaller feet and setups with shorter width trucks when you really want to stick that corner. The highly adjustable platform allows you to put your feet directly over the trucks, providing maximum control in turns and when sliding.


  • Length:35"
  • Width:9.5"
  • Wheelbase:22.25-25.5"
  • Construction:Maple
  • Concave:Extreme
  • Flex:Stiff