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Bustin Boards Rat Mobile 36" Deck: Eye, Feather, Bird, Black and yellow stripes



For the 2013 Ratmobile, Bustin added a few special tweaks to make one of the most popular speed board even more versatile for downhill and freeride skating. We've added a touch of width through the waist and replaced the original 2012 Ratmobile 'notch' with the new Ratmobile 'gas pedal'. Pedal usage will vary by rider and style, but the one thing that will be noticeable to everyone is the increased torsional stiffness that the Ratmobile achieves over it's predecessors.

Bustin's Team riders and racers everywhere love the concave, the wheel wells are still huge, and there are still wheelbase options from 24.5 to 28 inches that will fit racers and free riders of all sizes for just about any downhill application, from sliding down your neighborhood hills to racing Teutonia against the fastest downhillers in the world. The new gas pedals will add just a touch of a confidence boost when ripping predrifts around corners for those that like to hang their heels and toes off the edge of the board. If you loved the 2012 Ratmobile, updating your quiver with the 2013 model will be a seamless transition to upgrading your downhill and freeride potential.

36″ Long
9 3/4″ Wide
24.5-28″ Wheelbase
5/8″ Concave