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Earthwing 37" Super Model TM 3D Deck: Black and Grey


Earthwing worked forever on this mold but they are so happy with the result, and proud to be able to provide such a perfect shape, mold, and graphic on the new 2014 Supermodel.   Available in both topmount, and dropthrough, you can set this up with any preferred components to work with your favorite terrain.  There are mild fenders over the wheels, and that same geometry is mirrored the instep of each foot for your heels to create an almost 360 degree concave for each foot.  

These are not awkward bumps that just get in the way, they are designed to help with your control as well as provide ample clearance. There are sweet spots all over the place and a good tuck feels perfect on it.  We also incorporated a "w" up the center that slides right into the arches of your feet adding even more control.  The "W" is not intended so sit underfoot.  It acts as an arch support, and distributes pressure evenly across the bottom of your foot for more control.  The waist has a much deeper concave along the edge than the rest of the deck  This design detail along with the "W" adds a tremendous amount of natural rigidity just from the shape alone, so we were able to shed some material weight without sacrificing stiffness.  The topmount has generous wheel wells to run reasonable size racing wheels without wheelbite.

This board is amazing, and we are all obsessed with the mold.  We really are so proud of how it works.  It took a long time, and some of the mistakes we made early on turned into the ideas that made the mold better than we could have hoped for.

  • 37" x 9.75"
  • Materials: 8ply maple
  • Wheel Base: 26.5 - 29"
  • Multiple mounting options with deep wells
  • 3D multi radius concave