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Omen Deck 35" DreadNought


The Dreadnought

A hybrid deck combining old-school design with modern desires.

Evolving the Directional - Drop deck genre, the Dreadnought features a 1" drop, 5 degree wedging and de-wedging, tapered width.

A firm W concave in the rear to provide as much traction as possible without sacrificing too much of the locked in and stable feeling of a Low riding deck.

This shred sled is intended for high speeds, technical courses, drifting, and directional tracking.

All of these are accomplished by raising the ride height of the deck off of the ground to provide more traction, and by providing a compact 29" wheelbase, the agility of this deck is not compromised even with the stable, lowered standing platform.

Intended for use with big wheels, the Dreadnought has wheel cutouts to remove wheel-bite as an issue so almost any size wheel can fit.