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Powerslide Forged Longboard Truck 160mm/40 degree Set of 2 Black

Product Code: PS610009 610009


The STANDARD Forged truck is a product we are really proud of. Due to it`s state of the art production process we have been able to make it super strong but also lightweight. The main body and base-plate are forged out of 7003 aluminium with a 40° pivot angle on the base-plate making turning and change of direction easy and responsive. The replaceable and interchangeable axles come in three different lengths,  160 mm, 170 mm and 180 mm, and are made from the best heat-treated CroMo steel available. The wheels are locked with a 8 mm axle nut and the axle sits on super high rebound cast Jelly Interlock bushings which offer great response and longevity. This truck weighs just under 400 grams complete and the hanger can be flipped adjusting the height, up or down, by 3 mm (3 mm rake).
The STANDARDS Forged trucks come in pairs.
This truck is well suited for downhill skateboarding, downhill skateboarding racing, downhill skateboard sliding and freeriding, daily longboard cruising, longboard dancing, offering strength and durability across all these disciplines, and...

Aplication:   Cruising/Freeride/Race

Material:   Aluminium 7003 forged

Axle material:   Replaceable, CroMo, heattreated

Bushings:   Jelly Interlock Cushions 90a

Angle:   40°

Weight:   399g complete incl. hanger and base