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Powerslide Kaze Tri Inline Skates


The right choice for your city adventures: The Powerslide Kaze 80 urban inline skate. The new Trinity mounting enables you to roll lower to the ground, maxing out your control & balance. The reinforced shell & cuff provide plenty of support for all freestyle tricks. 80mm Spinner wheels & fast Wicked bearings will boost your ride. Once having tried the comfy Recall Fit padding, there is no going back. Hands down, an amazing freeskate!

The Kaze skate featuring the 3-point Trinity mounting takes skating to the next level. The super low center of gravity of the Kaze allows us to use bigger wheels without decreasing control or safety. Skating the Kaze is such an unmatched brand new skating experience. Skating will never be the same for you – hands down an amazing skate!

Trinity is a new pat. pending asymmetrical 3-point mounting system for skates. This has been achieved by shifting the two front mounting points to the outside of the frame forming a channel for the wheels. With wheels getting bigger the skate became higher and therefore instable. The Trinity mounting now allows us to reduce the center of gravity of the skate drastically by about 10mm compared to common skates with a standard mounting system in the same wheel size.

Boot/shell: Vi-Trinity Pain Free soft boot shell

Frame: Aluminium Trinity frame 231mm at a shoe size of 40-41 and 243mm at a shoe size of 42-46

Wheels: Powerslide Spinner wheels, 76mm at a shoe size of 40-41 and 80mm at a shoe size of 42-46, 85A

Bearings: Wicked Twincam ILQ9 Classic bearings