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Powerslide MyFit Footies + Heel Lock 2mm

Product Code: 908287

The Myfit Footies range is designed to protect the skaters’ feet in the high stress ankle and Achilles area. Made from highly resistant SBR material sourced from Japan, Footies offer relief from high pressure points on the foot. Flat lock stitching ensures a comfortable fit. All Footies are machine washable. These Heel lock Footies are made to lock your heel into the skate and avoid heel lift. The highly durable MYFIT SPC material behind the ankle in the Achilles tendon area is 3mm thick and locks in the foot just above the heel. This Footie is low cut and 2mm thick.

XS = 31-34
S = 34-37
M = 37-40
L = 40-43
XL = 43-46