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Powerslide Next Charcoal 90 Inline Skates

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Roller skates Powerslide Next Charcoal 90 Trinity -modern and clean design of skates, are ideal for the city, for ordinary rides on bike paths, but also for freeride urban skating full of jumps and slides.


The strong and durable skeletal shoe provides perfect foot guidance and a high degree of side support, they are comfortable and durable skates.

The skate is equipped with an aluminum Trinity frame, high-quality WCD Freespin ABEC 9 bearings, 4 Spinner wheels with a size of 90 mm and a hardness of 88A enabling fast riding. This is a larger size of wheels from the category.

Trinity is a new asymmetric frame attachment system that allows the wheels to get as close to the shoe as possible, reducing the center of gravity and increasing stability.

The shoe is attached to the frame with a three-point attachment, which also dampens the vibrations caused by the ride, better transmits the force of the bounce and provides more control during skating. Trinity allows individual adjustment of the frame to the shoe.

The skeleton of the skate is already classically made with the addition of fiberglass, which gives the skates higher strength and maintains low weight.

Ventilation holes are newly added in the front, side and back of the shoe.

The inner shoe is removable, thermoformable and washable, with 3D anatomical padding, the insole breathes well with perforation and is very comfortable.

From the bottom there are 3 different zones with gel or foam elements for cushioning the heel, toe and middle part of the foot.

When putting on, a large loop on the back of the shoe fits perfectly.

The clamping system of the skate is a classic laces and solid instep and top buckles with a safety device against unintentional opening. This helps to increase safety and comfort while maintaining a firm and secure grip on the foot.