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Powerslide Next Edge 150 Inline Skates

Product Code: 908381 PS908381

The Powerslide Next Edge 150 is our first two-wheeled skate. The basic idea was to save weight and increase agility for those who are looking for off-road endurance training. The result is the Edge TRINITY SUV frame is slightly shorter than the Outback frame but still using the 150mm tires in order to master all kinds of surfaces with more ease. The frame itself has been developed for extreme use, with the advantages of the three-point mounting clearly evident. The extra mounting point with the two wings at the front offers improved balance, stability, and control as well as a better power transfer. Ride with comfort; the heat moldable MYFIT Recall liner which covers two sizes in one is in a class of its own. The memory foam padded liner feels super comfortable right out of the box yet gives you all the support you need for SUV off-road skating. For those who prefer to use their SUV skates in a more moderate way the skates still offer great potential for an exhausting full-body workout. Take poles like in cross country skiing and off you go with the Next Edge 150 for an intense training session.