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Powerslide Next Grey 80 Inline Skates


With the Powerslide Next Grey 80 you will be ready for action. The city is full of surprises but The Powerslide NEXT Grey 80 won’t let you down in any situation. These skates are featuring the patented TRINITY mounting system known for amazing power transfer and reactivity, additional control, and improved balance as well as less roll vibration that helps to reduce muscle fatigue.

It’s the third generation of NEXT skates coming with heat moldable MYFIT Recall dual fit liners, which provide premium comfort with the extra layer of memory foam padding. This urban 4-wheel inline skate is made for both, hair raising action and relaxed cruising. Elite casted aluminum frames combined with fast and grippy Powerslide Spinner 80mm/88A wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 freespin bearings. The NEXT Grey 80 is a stunning light grey and purple freeskate for skaters who demand only but the best quality.

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