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Powerslide Phuzion Argon Trinity 110 Inline Skates

Product Code: 940633

The Phuzion series of skates from Powerslide is made to be comfortable performance rollerblades that provide skaters with a fast and agile pair of skates, without breaking the bank.

This is the Argon for men which is the highlight of the range. Ensuring this is a nice range of unique Powerslide features that really set these skates apart from the others in this range. First off, is the use of the super lightweight cast Trinity Elite frames that will make this setup ultimately controllable, lower the stand height and provide you with an easily gained roll speed that is also very easy to maintain.

The boot is very breathable and will with the addition of the 45° Urban Flap, make sure that your foot is locked safely in the heel area and provide a better support.