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Powerslide Phuzion Radon Bronce 90

Product Code: PS940694 940694

Phuzion Radon Bronze 90 are made for those who are looking for agile, comfortable and solid fitness skate coming with fast wheel setup with potential for upgrade. Add superb visual design into the mix and the result is one of the most interesting skates targeted towards women, comin  out in 2022 season.

It can be safely said that in case of fitness skates, comfort is the king – but comfort does not depend on soft, well-shaped boot foams alone. A solid base, providing a good amount of support for ankle and efficient energy transfer on push plays a major part in how comfortable it is to ride skates.

This is why outer skeleton of the Radon Bronze 90 boot has been reinforced with addition of glass fibres and is connected to a frame by Trinity mounting. This creates a solid, rigid construction with supportive base for your foot to rest on, resulting in excellent energy transfer and vibration dampening. Another benefit of these solutions is lowered centre of gravity, which makes skating easier and puts less stress on the ankles. The shell base is wide enough to allow more space for frame position adjustments to the sides. Heel area has been raised adequately to make it easier to maintain a proper skating position and prevent beginners from falling backwards. The boot itself is compatible with all Trinity mounting frames, so you can swap stock ones for a different type in the future, if you wish to do so.

A resistant material further strengthened by TPU welded reinforcement was used to make the skate’s upper. This makes the boot lightweight and holding the foot in place well. Inside of the boot is shaped out of double density foams, providing high level of comfort and a good fit. Heel area is shaped to give a good heel lock, preventing your foot from moving inside the boot.

The frame used is Elite Casted AL and fits 90 mm wheels as a stock option. Depending on the boot size, you are getting one of two frame lengths: 205 mm or 231 mm. This is to ensure that everyone gets the best possible compromise between agility and stability of the skates. The triskating setup makes Phuzion Radon Bronze 90 lightweight whereas wheel size is providing a good, smooth roll. The 83A hardness wheels are basic fitness/rec model, but skates can certainly serve for a much more intense workout sessions – if you want to upgrade to faster wheels in the future, the path is open. One important thing to note: frames will accept wheel size up to 100 mm, allowing you to go even faster!

A big advantage of 3x90 configuration is low centre of gravity, making it easy for beginners to learn how to skate. The wheels roll thanks to Wicked ABEC7 bearings, a mid-range offering, more than adequate for fitness skating.

Skates come with HABS – Height Adjustable Brake System, which allows you to adjust the rubber distance from the ground as it wears to ensure consistent braking position. Of course, an additional axle, allowing you to take the brake off, comes in the box.

Phuzion Radon Bronze 90 are highly recommended if you are looking for a pair of good looking, great value fitness skates. These are made for frequent use and will last you a long time – all of that at very attractive price point, making them a good choice for beginners and experienced skaters alike.