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Powerslide Phuzion Zeta Mens Inline Skates


Product Code: PS940199

The Phuzion Zeta triskate is among the lightest skates available. Skating Phuzion Zeta softboot skates feels like skating barefoot because of its low weight. Besides being light, the Zeta is also very comfortable and high performance. The 3x 100mm wheel setup looks cool and allows you to skate faster with less effort. The perfect choice for ambitious fitness skaters that are ready to improve their skating experience,

Boot/shell: Fitness skate with an X shell and soft boot

Mounting: 195mm mounting distance

Frame: Aluminium Unity frame for 3 wheels

Wheels: Powerslide 100mm infinity wheels, 85A

Bearings: Wicked ABEC 7 bearings

#14 Height adjustable HABS brake