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Smith Scabs Skate Knee Pad Black w Black Caps


The Smith Scabs Skate Knee have been engineered to increase mobility while providing maximum protection possible. The quick release system allows quick and easy on and off. These pads are built to take a beating for you. The replaceable cap allows you to extend the life of your pads.


  • The shorter pad and flat knee cap both help to reduce bulk and increase mobility.
  • Butterfly straps. A quick release system allows easy on and off.
  • Removable foam. This gives you the option to be able to wash those stinky pads.
  • Triple layer foam. Great for protection of those knees and recommended for comfort too!
  • Double strap. Top and bottom straps to help secure the pad so their is no movement or slippage. Used with higher grade elastic straps to help hold into place.
  • Abrasion resistant material. Made with the top quality materials to give the best protection on the market.
  • Removable Cap. Great for having the flexibility to replace the caps if worn down from so much skating! No need to buy a new set of pads once cap is worn down.
  • 2 extra wide neoprene strap
  • 5cm wide elasticated top straps
  • Reinforced Cordura nylon outer
  • Thick EVA closed cell foam padding
  • Thick replaceable polycarbonate caps (tough velcro fastening)


Sizing:(approx. only not a guarantee of fit)

Measure leg circumference just above knee joint

Small : 12" - 14" (30-36cm)
Medium : 14" - 16" (36-41cm)
Large : 15" - 17" (38-43cm)

Extra Large : 17" - 20" (43-51cm)

Tags: knees, skate, skateboarding, skating, safety, protective