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Triple 8 Knee Saver

Triple Eight Kneesaver Knee Pads deliver exactly what the name promises – solid protection for your knees. High grade durable fabrics, EVA foam padding, and polycarbonate full coverage caps provide superior protection without restricting movement. These knee pads are lightweight and shock absorbing, as well as ventilated to limit sweat while skating. Triple Eight designed these knee pads for an ergonomic and secure fit with wide, reinforced elastic straps. Our Kneesavers are ideal for inline skating (roller blading), and all roller sports.
Product Details:
• Lightweight, shock absorbing, ventilated EVA foam provides cool air flow and limits perspiration
• Ergonomically designed for comfort
• Wide, reinforced elastic straps ensure a secure fit
• Ideal for inline skating (roller blading), and all roller sports
• Adult one size fits all

Also available in Saver Series 3-PK which includes Saver Series Knnesaver, Elbowsaver, & Wristsaver.