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USD Aeon 60 Basic Aggressive Inline Skates

Product Code: PS710171
The USD Aeon Basic 60 XXI is the perfect example how to make the best aggressive skate even better. By simply listening to skaters and improving the parts that matter. We've added a new thicker shock absorber and a new higher cuff that is also height adjustable. It's an improved shape that provides more support and comfort right out of the box. The new 61mm USD wheels come with an improved core and round profile making the wheels fast and grippy. The most direct grinding experience is supported by a simple yet effective basic liner that offers all you need in fit, comfort and performance.

USD Aeon Basic 60 XXI

The modern classic of aggressive street skating. USD took it right back to the drawing board with the design of this skate, shattering all expectations and dismissing the UFS frame system, completely reworking our understanding of an aggressive skate and bringing the design back to basics. The unibody concept defines this unique design, creating the lowest, lightest skate possible with unparalleled energy transfer in every stride. One step back, two steps forward. With a single piece construction the weight is drastically reduced whilst the strength of the boot is immensely increased, you'll never snap a frame again! The unibody concept allows for the widest H-block split possible, making this the best flat set up skate ever created, keeping you safe from wheel bite on all h-block tricks whilst still riding a full flat set up of fast and long lasting USD 61mm wheels. The skate is completed with the USD Basic dual fit  liners. The stretchy neoprene toes allow for 2 sizes to be catered to with a single liner, giving perfect comfort and support in every session.

  • Unibody construction, lightweight, perfectly balanced and low to the ground; soulplate and body made out of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
  • The best available flat setup with a perfect balance of space, groove shape and material
  • USD Basic dual liner with top lacing and perfect fit and function





  •  Boot Type:   Hardboot
  •  Shell/Outsole Sizes:   EU 36/37/38, 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46
  •  Shell / Outsole Material:   Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
  •  45° Closure / Front Foot Closure:   Velcro strap / standard lacing
  •  Liner:   USD Basic dual fit liner
  •  Liner Top Closure:   Lacing
  •  Innersole:   MYFIT EVA skatesole
  •  Frame Name:   Unibody
  •  Frame Mounting Standard:   Unibody
  •  Frame Material:   Glass-Fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
  •  Frame Manufacturing Process:   Unibody injected
  •  Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM):   36/37/38 =9.7" (246mm) / 39-42=10.1" (256mm) /    43-46=10.6" (269mm)
  •  Max. Wheel Size:   61mm
  •  Frame Axles:   Double axle steel 8mm, hex 4mm
  •  Adjustable Side to Side:   No, Unibody
  •  Adjustable Front to Back:   No, Unibody
  •  Wheel Name:   USD Team Basic
  •  Wheel Diameter:   61mm
  •  Wheel Hardness:   90A
  •  Wheel Compound:   SHR= Super High Rebound, X-Treme Pro
  •  Wheel Setup:   4x61mm
  •  Bearing Brand:   WCD Wicked
  •  Bearing Rating:   ABEC 7
  • Bearing Material:   Carbon pro steel
  •  Bearing Shield:   RZ, Single sided rubber coated steel shield
  •  Bearing Lubrication:   Light Grease
  •  Brake Compatibility:   No
  •  Included Accesssories:   Tool - hex 4mm
  •  Weight:   1540g (size 41/42) 


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