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USD Team Wheel 55mm 90a 4 Pack

Product Code: PS700480
  • Model:   USD - Team Wheel
  • Size:   55 mm
  • Hardness:   90a
  • Profile:   Speed Radius
  • Number of wheels:   4

USD is never one to stop innovating and providing the world's skaters with the best possible boot options year after year. USD´s commitment to aggressive skating, constantly innovating with lighter, faster and enhanced performance skates and the help of its world class team of riders, has positioned USD as the N°1 inline skating brand with wide recognition from the public as the industry leader. Releasing more molds than any other boot company in aggressive skating history, continually improving, adapting, and evolving with time, USD is on top of the game for this very reason. Keep your eyes out for continual growth, progression, and innovation from us here at USD.
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